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You've decided to sell, but what happens next?  Your success lies largely with the realtor you choose to do it.  Click here for a video explaining our simple, effective method to take you from "For Sale" to "Sold"!


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Did you know that as a buyer, having a dedicated, full-time realtor working by your side to find your home costs you NOTHING?  Yes, you read that right.  I wish I knew that when I bought my house!  Click here to find out why if you're going to get moving, your move starts with us!


Move with us!

There are 2 things I've found to be near certainties.  1. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and 2. There are almost never, ever any straight lines in real estate!  From contract to close, there are always surprises, problems and troubles...why on Earth go it alone?


So, why Chris & Nikki?

These days it seems everyone's brother's cousin's aunt is a realtor, so why choose these folks?  Aggressive, honest, loyal, fun and hard working, that's us.  We are full time realtors in the greatest stretch of sand on Earth; The Jersey Shore.

We put our team efforts into techniques that work, not methods that absorb effort, time, and space.  The days of print media and paper maps are gone, so whether looking for you next home, selling the home you have, or both, we employ wireless, tech driven, proven methods that deliver results.

You work hard for your money, and your time is valuable.  In a day and age where there is no shortage of people who will promise yet not deliver, make your move with the team who gives 110%, every time.


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